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Posted: September 3, 2012 in Random Media.

“Project I did for my Global Issues class. I had to pick one of the 30 rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Mine was pretty much about poverty, made it about the Philippines.” –  on May 21, 2009

*stumbled across this while doing some good ol’ research, thought it was well put together and nice to look at for 5 or so minutes..enjoy


p.s. food for thought
“75% of the estimated 500 prostitutes in the “Area,” a ghetto known for child prostitution in Angeles City are children.” (Susan Pineda, of Pro-Women Action, “Scourge of Child Prostitution,” Sol. F. Juvida, InterPress Service, 12 October 1997) Many children become prostitutes because they need food, water, or other resources (e.g. shoes, clothing, shelter) and most are introduced into prostitution by a friend or by there family (forced or willing).


Just in case you read the posting prior concerning the article by George J. Annas titled…

“Human Rights and Health: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 50” pages 63-67(or any of the future articles discussed)…Please comment and I will get the article to you by way of email.