Taking a Note in Formatting.

Posted: December 4, 2012 in pOstEd WeEkLY



Roslyn Solomon’s article is actually really useful, not only for context, but also as a tool for writing mechanisms. I enjoyed Solomon’s project proposal and thoroughly appreciate her core beliefs which shine through in her work. She states in the beginning of her piece, Global goes local:

“I am an attorney who, through a series of volunteer activities, became exposed to international human rights law, particularly with regard to the right to health. I was drawn to human rights concepts because of their recognition of the mutually sustaining relationship between the individual and the community. Human rights ideas also appealed to me because of their practicality.”

In relating Global goes local to my current project, as those who may follow this blog may also be in the same class, this will be the last blog post on a reading for Global Health and Human Rights. In formatting my own Final Paper for GH&HR I am going to utilize her writing structure to revamp the skeleton of my final product.

She begins with a simplistic Introduction, but then she utilized a really brief but detailed description of the Background of the Geography and Demograpy. Next, she describes the Project with a sectionalized body of Concrete Steps, Getting started, and my favorite of her sections: Translating human rights standards into local program structures. Here she discusses and defines the terms in translating human rights standards to organizations.

Need some direction on formatting in your own papers?: visit the OWL.

The greatest part, I feel, of Solomon’s work isn’t essentially what it stands for, but the steps and process she followed to create a true and honest description of what it takes to formulate a legitimate proposal – this structure could essentially be applied across the board. It is most definitely something I will be referencing when reformatting my final paper.

Solomon, R. 2009. “Global Goes Local: Integrating human rights principles into a county health care reform project” Health and Human Rights. 11.1


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