Raising the Stakes

Posted: November 20, 2012 in pOstEd WeEkLY

The following paragraph is what I feel summarizes the article by Andreass Kalofonos on the paradox of AIDS treatment interventions in Mozambique:

“The availability of free, effective AIDS treatment changed the stake of the HIV
diagnosis. The rapid expansion of ART and the decline in AIDS mortality represents
an impressive achievement given the crippled public sector and pervasive poverty.
To undergo ART, individuals had to test for HIV, enroll for care at a clinic, undergo
CD4 testing, start ART, remain adherent to ARVs, and return for monthly refills,
an exhaustive process with considerable attrition (Ware et al. 2009; Høg 2008;
Kalofonos 2008; Micek et al. 2009; Ware et al. 2009). While AIDS remained a
feared disease, there was a growing awareness of the benefits associated with being
HIV-positive—not only free treatment but also food aid.”

Kalofonos, Andreas I. (2008) “All I Eat Is ARVs”: The Paradox of AIDS Treatment Interventions in Central Mozambique. Medical Anthropology Quarterly. Vol. 24, Issue 3, pp. 363–380

For more information in relation to my topic on AIDS in the Philippines: National HIV/STI Prevention Program


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